Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet is well-known because it is economical, stain resistant and has an impressive range of selection that fits any home decor. It’s this adaptability that has made Berber carpet so common.

Berber carpet differs from the traditional cut pile carpet that you are used to seeing. The critical distinction between the two is in the way that Berber carpet is constructed.

Berber carpet has fibers which are weaved into the backing of the carpet without any fibers being trimmed.

A cut pile carpet, however, has its loops cut after being weaved into the backing. Thus the name cut pile carpet.

The looped pile of a Berber carpet is known to be vulnerable to damage by sharp items. This does not happen frequently but is something that you should be aware of.

If your Berber carpet has a snag in it, this is the ideal time to contact the Berber carpet repair professionals at Carpet Repair Hampton Roads.

Our Berber carpet repair solutions are competitively priced, long lasting and inconspicuous to the naked eye. If your Berber carpet has sustained minor damage, we can weave in new fiber loops to repair the problem.

If your carpet has experienced considerable damage, we will dispose of the damaged portion of your Berber carpet and weave in a new piece of carpet free of blemishes.

Does your Berber carpet have designs that are highly sophisticated? We can repair it too!  Our Berber carpet repair technicians possess the technical know-how and competency to ensure the brand new section of Berber carpet matches the rest of the carpet pattern.

If you have questions about our Berber carpet repair service contact Carpet Repair Hampton Roads at 757-500-0827. We are ready to repair your carpet today.