Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a business owner, you get accustomed to working extra long hours after everyone else has gone home for the day.  Taking care of invoicing, fulfilling orders, balancing the books along with tackling the maintenance of your business is a full-time job by itself!  It can get stressful at times.

When you are busy and stressed out it is possible to overlook the little things such as keeping your carpets presentable to the public. Are you aware that little things like that could make or break your company? Contrary to popular belief well-maintained carpets do make a difference to employees and clients alike.

A study performed by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) found that participants valued cleanliness above all other key variables.  Did you know that a clean work environment also promotes productivity by stopping employees from getting sick and calling in to work?

Make An Good Impression, Get More Business

A clean workplace lets you put your very best foot forward. Customers will evaluate you by their first impression of you. Make an adverse impact on a potential client, and the odds of doing business with them goes down dramatically.  Studies have discovered that you only have 7 minutes to make a fantastic impression, so make it count! We will help you do that!

How Can Carpet Repair Hampton Roads Help Your Business?

We have two carpet cleaning solutions that we use based on the level of soiling of your carpet and your business needs. 

Solution 1: Truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This solution is perfect for businesses with high levels of foot traffic. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment allows us to make use of a high-pressure hot water wash that helps loosen up the soils in your carpet and extract them more easily. 

Solution 2: Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning

We recommend this service if you have low levels of foot traffic or need a maintenance clean before your annual deep cleaning. For dry powder cleaning, we use the power of encapsulation to decompose, envelop or encapsulate the soils in the carpet fiber. We then use a counter rotating brush to agitate the carpet fibers and a vacuum to extract the residue.

This carpet cleaning method typically use between 3-4 gallons of water per clean vs. 20-60 gallons of water during a hot water extraction.

Our commercial carpet cleaning solutions are sure to breath new life in your carpet and your business.

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