Scotchguard Protector

Did you know that your carpet comes straight from the factory with carpet protectant? Carpet manufacturers apply this to preserve your carpet from common household hazards such as spills and stains during the first year of ownership.

This is great, but the protectant will not last the life of your carpet. In all honesty, your carpet protectant will be stripped from your carpet the first time you get your carpets cleaned. This happens regardless of who is cleaning your carpet. The cleaning agents remove everything, dirt, grime, and the protectant that is meant to protect your carpet.

Don’t let this fact stop you from cleaning your carpet because we apply Scotchgard protectant after every carpet cleaning.

What’s the Advantage Of Using Scotchgard Carpet Protectant

Here are the reasons why we use Scotchgard Protectant:

  • Repels stains and dirt
  • Prolongs the longevity of your carpet
  • Saves money and time as your carpet will be easier to clean
  • Safe and environmentally friendly product

We utilize Scotchgard because they make a high-quality product that meets our standards. We only use the best products for our clients.

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