Pet Damage

Are you a pet owner who is exasperated by the damage to your carpet caused by your pet? We understand your frustration! We have all been there.

Pets are four-legged family members; therefore, it is tough to get mad at them when they are do something undesirable like damaging carpet. We tend to want to humanize our pets and think they ruin our carpets deliberately.

This is not the case at all.  Pets typically take part in such behavior because they are experiencing separation anxiety or trying to relieve some stress.

We understand this and is our main reason why we provide pet damage repair services.  You should be able to love your pet and your carpet at the same time. It is not an all or nothing proposition. 

What Type Of Pet Damage Does Carpet Repair Hampton Roads Fix?

We have an answer for every conceivable issue. We have years of experience rejuvenating carpet with severe pet damage.

Carpet Repair Hampton Roads can fix carpet damage caused by biting, chewing, clawing or urination.  When you contact us, we will be ready to repair your carpet today.

How Does Carpet Repair Hampton Roads Repair Pet Damage?

When repairing pet damage, we will discard the damaged section of carpet and substitute it with a new fresh piece of carpet.

The carpet is sourced from spare remnant carpet that you may have around your home.  We also carry a few pieces of carpet in our vehicles as well.

We then affix the new section of carpet to your existing carpet seamlessly. Problem solved! Your carpet is as good as new!

Carpet Repair Hampton Roads is here for you. Contact Carpet Repair Hampton Roads at 757-500-0827 to book your appointment today. We look forward to speaking with you.