Seam Repair

Wall to wall carpet is easily the most popular home decor feature in America today. It is economical and is available in many styles. You just can’t beat the flexibility of wall to wall carpet.

Most carpets will generally last between 8-10 years if it is well maintained. Over the course of ownership, you are bound to run into an issue or two.  One form of carpet damage you may experience is seam damage.

Seam damage is a pretty common occurrence with carpets. Seam damage occurs when the glue that is holding the pieces of carpet together start to disintegrate as a result of wear from foot traffic and time.

If your carpet seams are undamaged, then it merely needs a reapplication of latex glue on the seams to repair the problem.

If your carpet seams have abundant damage, we will remove the damaged seams and exchange it for brand new ones.

Our repairs are potent and indistinguishable to your guests. They will never know that you had your carpet repaired.

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