Carpet to Tile Transition

Are you a DIYer who enjoys getting dirty and learning the nitty-gritty of flooring upgrades? It’s hard work but is worth it to learn a new skill and save money.

After installing your tile perhaps you may have realized that your carpet isn’t transitioning nicely to your tile as you wanted. While this may put a damper on things momentarily, it is something that is easily fixed by calling Carpet Repair Hampton Roads.

We will gladly take care of your carpet to tile transition issue for you.

We have a repertoire of repair solutions that we can use to repair your carpet to tile transition.

Here is a quick overview of the repair options that we offer.

Tack Strips: Carpet that is even with the tile only needs to be re-stretched to resolve the problem.

Rubber Reducers: This solution is for commercial clients. We replace weakened and old rubber reducers to avoid slip and fall injuries in the office.

Replacing these promptly will help you avoid litigation over slip and fall accidents.

Transition Strips We provide three different styles, wood, metal, and vinyl. We don’t typically utilize transition strips. We only use them when there is an elevation differential between your tile and carpet.

Our carpet repair technicians are friendly and hard-working people. They will happily walk you through the repairs they will make to your carpet before starting.

If you have inquiries regarding our carpet to tile transition service, please contact Carpet Repair Hampton Roads, You can reach us at 757-500-0827. We look forward to serving you today.