Water Damage Repair Specialist

Is your carpet moist and reek of mildew? If this is the case, you have an active water leak in your home that needs to be addressed urgently.

Stagnant water will destroy your carpet very fast if the precise location of the leak is not identified and repaired.

Once the origin of the leak has been remedied, you can proceed to repair your carpet. Carpet Repair Hampton Roads can restore your carpet using our three dependable water removal procedures. Here is a quick overview of the water removal process.

Water Removal

This is the first step of the water removal process. We siphon water out of your carpet using innovative truck mounted water removal technology. The equipment that we use is sure to remove every drop of moisture present in your carpet.

Dry Your Carpet

After the water removal step has been completed, our water damage repair technicians will position high powered industrial fans around your home to dry your carpet swiftly. The fans accelerate drying times and allow you to get back into your home promptly.

Inspect Carpet

This is the third step of our water damage repair procedure. We inspect your carpet for damage and repair any damage we spot during the inspection.  For the lion’s share of our clients, the only thing your carpet is going to need is to be re-stretched.

If we notice a substantial amount of damage anywhere on your carpet, we will remove and replace the damaged section of carpet and carpet padding.

If you have questions about our water damage repair service or would like to book an appointment, call Carpet Repair Hampton Roads today at 757-500-0827